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My life so far as Type 1 Diabetic

You Never Know How Strong You Are

I saw someone’s signature that read something like ” You never know how strong you are until being strong is the only choice you have”

I believe those words.  Diabetes is life long disease, requiring a lot of a person to live a normal, healthy life.  Type 1 requires daily injections of insulin, constant monitoring, learning, studying. And that is on top of what you do otherwise.

Some of the people that I admired because of their occupations are teachers and single parents among others.  I have stood helplessly by a couple of friends and relatives that have died of cancer.  I noticed almost universally with all, was the strength they seemed to have through out the ordeal.  They all seemed to have everything together, you know, the planning for after, the chemo, the many appointments for different things all of it.

When I told my mother about my diagnosis, she asked what I was going to do.  I said that I would learn how to live with it. With the exception of last year, I think I’ve done fairly well.  Even though I was not really sure how I was going to deal it.  The problem is, things change daily.  One day, 4 unit of insulin is good for the breakfast cereal, the next day, it will take 10 units, then the next 1 unit is too much for the same cereal.   You just have to be aware all the time of how you are feeling, decide if how you feel is just normal, or caused by your dis-ease.

You don’t know until you have no other choice.  I hope if you don’t have diabetes, you never have to test this.  But if you do have any kind of chronic disease , I am sure,  you will find the strength that you never thought you had.

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