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Costs of Diabetes

I have been thinking about some of the costs for diabetes. In particular, testing supplies, namely blood glucose test strips.

Of all the supplies that I need those are by far the most expensive, and wasteful.  Without insurance test strips cost somewhere around $1 per strip.  I use at least 4 a day, but can use as many as 10 on bad days.  With my current insurance, it is about $.15 each.  Here is where the problem is:  each strip is one time use only.  I tried to put a used strip in the meter one time, and it complained, loudly.

Diabetics have been complaining for years about the costs of these tiny strips.  Manufacturers say  the chemicals and metals used, cause the cost to be so high.  These are the manufacturers that give away the meters that can only use their strips. While some other manufacturers that don’t give away meters, sell strips for about 60 – 70% less.

From the above 2 paragraphs I have 2 ideas to help lessen the burden on those of us, that know frequent testing is key to good control, and good control is key to living a long, healthy life.

The first idea, recycle old strips.  I understand that the strips use chemicals that may not be able to be recovered and reused, but the metal should be able to be recovered and reused. I have read the metal is gold.  I have also read in different places where used test strips are found all over the place, under couch cushions, bottom of purses.  One person found a trail of them on the way to the gym they used.  Lets start a recycle campaign for strips.  Keep your old strips in an old container they came in, turn them in when you need more, and get a discount on new strips.  That simplistic idea saves on 2 things, the gold recovery, and maybe reuse the container, may be cheaper to sterilize and refill than to make a new one every time.

The second idea, don’t give away free meters, make some of profit on those as well, not just a loss.  Manufacturers that don’t give away meters, are able to sell strips for less.

A recent article on test strip costs can be found here.

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