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Little Victories

The A1C GoalLittle victories.  A good step in the right direction.  Not a complete victory, but getting there.  A positive.

I got some test results back today,  but still not where I set my goal. But headed in the right direction.  My HBA1C or simply A1C  is 8.3.  My short term goal is in the 7’s, longer term to get down to 5’s.  Considering that my number was never below 10 for a long time, and that it is almost down 1 point in 3 months, it is a victory.

A1C represents a person’s estimated average blood glucose over the last 2 or 3 months.  What happens:  glucose reacts with hemoglobin (contains iron and carries oxygen in red blood cells) and is called glycated hemoglobin. The higher your glucose, the more of the glycated hemoglobin is found in the blood.  The average life span of red blood cells is 2 to 3 months, that is why it is explained as a 3 month average.  I also read that A1C is rated more heavily for the last 2-4 weeks.  Meaning, to me, there is a sliding scale for the final number.  How the lab can tell if a cell is an old cell or a new one, I haven’t a clue. This is a real simple explanation.  There is some more science to all of this, but if you are concerned with your A1C, I suppose it is enough to know keep you glucose low, and you can expect  to have a better (lower) A1C.

I have tried different ways to lower my A1C, and daily blood glucose; more insulin, less food, different meal times, different diets, different combinations of these things until I think I found a one that seems working for me now.  I try to eat 30-35 carbs per meal, at least one piece of fruit every day between lunch and supper, sometimes a treat for being good, chocolate covered peanuts, better known as M&M’s  (The peanuts are more of an excuse to eat chocolate, but it is usually the chocolate that I really want).  I eat pretty much the same things, the same ingredients for my meals, just prepared in different ways.  For example, whole wheat pasta, I make sometimes with tomato sauce, sometimes with just a bullion flavoring or like macaroni and cheese.  It all has about the same number of carbs, just tastes different.  It makes counting easier that way. Most everything else I eat can be worked out the same way.

At the beginning of this journey, I wanted to know what I really could and could not eat. I wanted as little change as possible.   I soon realized, reluctantly, if I wanted to be in control, I would need to change a lot. I make most of my meals now, fast foods and frozen tv diners are out.  I don’t eat very much meat, and now eat almost all plant proteins. That was more for high cholesterol, more than diabetes, but that change has helped with both.

Back to little victories now, I know I still have a little more to do, but I feel I am winning.  You can too 🙂

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