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Diabetes Advocacy

Definition of AdvocacyWhen I decided to start this blog, I thought about being an advocate for diabetes.  I thought I could do something good in support of a worthy cause.  ‘Cause I had diabetes 🙂  and I maybe wanted to share my 2 cents worth to someone trying learn for themselves or a loved one.  And again I needed to heal my own emotional self.  A great idea.  Now as I do research for what to write about here, I am presented with a dilemma.  What do I want to advocate?  Self care, research for a cure, advise for the wayward?

advocacy n.  The act of pleading or arguing in favor of something, such as a cause, idea, or policy; active support.

By definition, I want to plead in favor of a cause, and show active support. So what is my cause, what do I want to show active support for?  Well, I am looking out for number 1, ME, first.

I,  as well as all the people with Diabetes,  want a cure for diabetes.  I ran across an article, that has concluded Phase 1 testing of an old vaccine, with a new use.  BCG vaccine is used for tuberculosis, but has been found to reverse Type 1 diabetes, even in small doses, in humans.

Great news for all of us.  Then I made a mistake, I read the comments from others.  One person was saying there is too much money being made by all of the companies that make supplies for diabetic care.  Then another reply indicating insurance companies would be interested in a cure because of their costs.  The former seems supported on the the researching doctor’s lab page declaring the research is supported 100% by philanthropic individuals and foundations.

Upon reading this today, I decided to advocate first for a cure. Second to give whatever support I can give to others affected in any way by Diabetes.   I like to think there is not a conspiracy, world wide, in diabetic supply companies that would prevent a cure from be discovered and shared.  In my optimistic view, this  just can not be.  There are other ways to make money.

I guess before I was diagnosed, I was an “advocate” for cancer.  My real photo shows my hair rather long.  I just got it cut about 8 or 9 months ago.  For the last 7 years or so I have grown my hair to donate it to make wigs for children with cancer. I always said as long as it does not turn gray, I will continue to support this.  I point this out to show that it does not have to cost you anything to be an advocate.  This blog is free, to me, but you may see advertisements when you read these pages of wisdom.  I have even added this site to a couple of search engines for free.

Right now I cannot provide monetary support, but if you can, please do.   If you can’t, there are ways to support your personal cause.  Make others aware, support local events, teach something about Diabetes to someone, anyone interested.  If you have questions, ask.

If you have a question of me, I have an email me form that I will keep confidential, and try my best to find answers for you.  Even you just want to vent.

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