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My life so far as Type 1 Diabetic


I recently read a post  in a forum about if a diabetic ever found bliss in their illness. There was lots of replies to the post, most were in agreement with my feelings.  We doubt if we will ever find “bliss” in having diabetes, but we can celebrate our accomplishments.  My post “Little Victories”  is about one such accomplishment.  On one hand, I remember, I was really happy about the better than before test results, but on the other, it was still in the back of my mind, I have a chronic disease.  Bitter-sweet.

After reading that I realized I have not wrote anything for a while, I need to correct that .  I thought about different things to write about,  how I moderate and modified my eating, and remembering how I was eating before, or grief over my dead and dying beta cells.  I was doing research on the stages of grief, and having a chronic illness.  Did you know, there are as few as 3 and as many as 10 stages of grief?  But  I really was not finding anything that I thought would be useful here, until I found this article ” Living with Chronic Illness, by Elizabeth Holtzman”   .

The first point  is chronic illness is a result of medical advances.  I had to think about that one a minute or two.  But I can see that.  In my case, less than a hundred years ago, I would have died shortly after I was diagnosed, the same holds true with  many other diseases now known as chronic. Without medical advancements, many people would not only be dead from illness, but injury as well.  I have also been reading about how some diseases have cures, cancer has been rumored to have a cure since I was a teenager and a more recent one found for diabetes.  However, the medical and pharmaceutical industries have found money making machines, and  keep the cures from being “found”.  I find that a little bit far fetched, I cannot, will not believe that there is such a cold feeling and greed among so many companies and individuals for that.

The second point, has one of the most interesting perspectives I have seen so far.   I liked the whole article, but towards the end I found this wonderful paragraph.  I was unable to find a contact for the writer, so I will not use her words, but basically she says, if you have a chronic illness, you search for a balance to improve your life.  You need to learn about your illness, to manage it, and accept limits, and appreciate what you have apart from the illness.  Inspiring to me.  Reading that made me think again,  I am doing the correct things, by researching, learning, applying, trying, and regrouping and trying again.

Balance is key.  Finding what time you can devote to your life before your diagnosis, and managing you life after.  I may never find bliss, or even complete happiness, but if I want to have the most enjoyment from life, I have to find what suits me best.

Yes there are times when I get burned out, and wonder if I can go on, but I remember, eventually, about what I have, and what I want to accomplish still.  The bouts of burn outs will probably continue to happen, but  with all that I have learned, hopefully they will not be long drawn out affairs.

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