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Numbers, Numbers and More Numbers

If you are diabetic, your life suddenly becomes all about numbers.  How many carbs, how high or low your blood glucose is, your A1C, ICR, units of insulin, bolus, basel, and the list goes on and on.  I have already blogged about 2 of my most irritating numbers (carb counting and A1C).  Until now.

I read a post, on TuDiabetes, about how all these numbers are just really tools to help you manage your daily life.  A person cannot have good numbers all the time. And for some unknown reason, they just will not add up.  For a good personal example, yesterday, I was having problems keeping my BG below 200.  All day long…. I’d check my BG, correct bolus, check again, a couple hours later and need more insulin.  Today, I was having trouble getting above 100.  All day long, And the strange thing, I ate pretty much the same food, except today, I ate more to try and raise my BG.  Yesterday, I used 44.5 units of insulin, today, just over 35 units.  Go figure.

Alright back to my point.  All these numbers are just tools to use to manage.  You are going to have days like I did yesterday, and compare it to a day like I had today.  Then you will have days that work out the way that can be predictable,  eat 10 carbs, use 1 unit of insulin with  a basel rate of 1 unit per hour will keep you in range as predicted.  You can’t get upset over the “bad” days.  They will not be all bad.  You are not a “bad diabetic” if you don’t have strict control all the time.

We all should have GOALS to work for, and as long as the overall goal is met, then you are good.  My new overall goal is to live the best I can.  As long as I can say, “I did my best”, I will not stress over the not meeting the numbers all the time.

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